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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Browse Internet On PC or Laptop Using GPRS Via Bluetooth

(Windows XP)

Devices:- Computer/Laptop, Bluetooth Enabled Mobile Phone, Bluetooth USB Dongle, Advanced GPRS should activated on your mobile phone.

1) Install Your USB Bluetooth device in your system.
2) Your Bluetooth dongle should install as a USB standard Modem Device.
3) create new connection form " Control Panel "
4)Make dial-up connection giving ISP name of your phone connection providers name and dial-up no. (eg For Hutch Users ISP Name :- " HUTCH_WWW " & Phone Number :- " *99# " & User NAme-Password all blank) Call your Help Line to ask what r the settings for your mobile connection provider.
(ISP = Internet Service Provider)

Ask me for any things related Settings.

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