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Saturday, September 27, 2008

McAfee DOS Antivirus Scanning

A very useful Anti Virus Scan which clear viruses from your windows based computer.

First you will need to download McAfee Anti-Virus's latest Super Dat(sdat) file.

Downlaod SDAT. (105.16MB )
(Click on download -> Click on I Agree -> Select SuperDATs tab -> Click on sdatxxxx.exe under DAT)

> Make new folder in C drive & rename it as SDAT
> Copy & Paste SDATXXXX.exe file in SDAT folder.
>Open Command Prompt (Start + Run + Type cmd + Enter)
>cd\ (to come in c drive)

>cd sdat (to open sdat folder)

>dir (to check folder contain.
You'll get full name of sdat file here.)

>sdatXXXX /e (to extract files form sdatXXXX.exe to C:\SDAT)

>dir <to check all files are extracted or not. Total files 19>

>scan /all /adl /sub /clean (to start scanning )
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